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Atheromatous Aorta Meaning


The "BAKERY PASTRY LEFEVRE" is located at No. 53 in the marketplace.

Mr. Lefevre, baker, offers specialty breads, traditional baguette, excellent pastries and cakes. The kindness and hospitality of the staff is appreciated by customers. You can also buy very good sandwiches with drinks and ice cream to taste. Outside, it is also possible to buy very good pancakes every weekend.

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Photo of 2007

Photo of 2005

Pub 2005

successor to Mr. Lefevre ARNOUX family around 2001. Mr. and Mrs. Arnoux held the "BAKERY ARNOUX" for over twenty years. They replaced Mr. and Mrs. DUMOULIN in the mid 70s.

1997 - The smile of shops

1996 - Carnival of schools

Pub, 1994

Pub, 1981

Pub, 1971

Pub, 1967

picture of the 60

Dumoulin family succeeded L. Boulanger Patissier Goulley over the years 60. At that time the bakery was named "THE ROCKS OF MILLY" . Mr. Goulet has replaced Roger CHOFFY baker in the 50s. Roger and his wife Stephanie CHOFFY SZYMANSKY held the "BAKERY TRADE" for over twenty years. They succeeded Emile CAMPAIN baker in the early 30s.

Pub, 1960

picture of the 50

Bars of 1949

Detail of a postcard of the 30

In 1921 and 1926 c 'is the baker Stanislas Gregoire is identified at this address, so that between 1896 and 1913 are Apollinaire and his wife Nathalie PERROT GUILLET. From 1872 to 1891 are bakers HOOP Eugene and Felicia DUPRE to be identified at this location. In fact, they have moved their bakery was installed in No. 37 of the Market Square at No. 53 between 1866 and 1872.

Photo 1915

Detail of a postcard from 1910

Bars of 1909

Before becoming a bakery in 1870, this trade was held by the saddler Thomas and his wife Lucile MONTIGNY PREVOST and the contractor Diligence GUIGNOT Dominique and his wife Armande BERBELOT Victorine. Prior to Contractor of due diligence, Dominique GUIGNOT is identified in 1846 as Bourrelier at this address. After 1866, the saddler saddler MONTIGNY Thomas moved to No. 45 in the marketplace.

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